The strangest night of all.. 02/29/12

February 29th is a weird night for a webcast on The Harmony Network, like it isn’t supposed to exist or something.
Like one of those islands or places that only appears once every hundred years.  So expectations are suspended, and the djs are playing whatever strikes their fancies.
The better for us, right? So check out  Stevo, Coco, dButts, Flashlight (who? you may recognize him) – and a very nice, surprise dropin set from Ddot himself!
Also, a Happy BIrthday Shoutout to our beloved Jennifer Stroud, whose been partying with us almost since the beginning! Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9P – Stevo – – house – sorpreza!
10p – Coco – We’ve left it up to him – after all, Austin, TX was pleased enough this weekend.
11p – dButts – delicious raucousness – noise has never felt better.
12a – DJ Ddot – His set is always a happy surprise 🙂
1a – Flashlight – I swear it’s what he told me.

See ya on the radio! (it really is a long story..)

The Harmony Network and Friends


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