08/22/12 Live Wednesday Webcast

I love it – another night of all one-name djs, except for Ralph – and since you know exactly who I am talking about,
I’ll leave off the Lindstrom so it looks neat. I love how individual these particular djs are, and that each hour should
really speak for itself. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Stevo – excellent, dancey house  (Karen’s words)
10p – Coco – very different, equally excellent dancey house
11p – Bird – drum&bass, for starters – seatbelts suggested 😉
12a – Ralph -a live video mix – I don’t give him enough props. It takes attention
to be that smooth. And there’s a lot going on around here on Wednesdays.
1a – Krystoph – reggaeton, world beats – nice, chill, great way to sail off into the week.

See ya on the radio!

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