And so we celebrate our friend – Kevin Oneel 10/23/13

This is Karen, and I sooooo do not want to type these words.Maybe I just won’t. After all, Oneel played his regular set just three weeks ago, and isn’t due for another five. In fact, true to form, he eased out within ten minutes of finishing, and I haven’t hit him up for his normal rebooking. He’s been with the Harmony Network for several (ten?) years, and his name is everywhere among the tags, Serato crates, dj names for the screen graphics. So I could just pretend, and put it off. But the truth won’t go away, or take care of itself. Oneel/Kevin Oneel/Kevin Neely (he never would let me pin him down about a definitive name when he played!) got sick about a week ago, and it just kept getting worse. Flu-like symptoms, and people worrying – except him. He died yesterday, at home. And November 11th, he and I are slated to cohost the live stream of the National Veterans Day Parade in Birmingham, the oldest in the country. Our second time. He’s perfect for the job. And no one else is. He is involved in more ventures than just about anyone. An Indycar Series writer, dj/mixer/producer, and self proclaimed “weather weenie.” He’s certifed, and knows meteorology better than some who get paid for it. We are all standing with our jaws dropped, wondering what just happened. To be such a laid back guy, it’s surprising how everyone here has their own Oneel story. This is gonna hurt for a long, long time.

Tonight’s djs are all tight and excellent. The show will be great. So as always, we heartily wish for you to Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – NDCYSIV – Pure Presidential, Sembient Circle – breaks
10p – Coco – – house and whatever goes with it 🙂
11p – Quack – BreaXquad – something rowdy, guaranteed
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – live video mix
1a – Jog – Up Yonder – breaks, perhaps? – thanks for making the drive, always!

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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