…aaaaaaand we’re back! Live Wednesday Webcast 03/29/17

If you haven’t heard of TED talks, google. A city has a day-long string of them, all lasting 18 minutes or less, each being about an “idea worth spreading.” Anyway, last week at this time, we were getting ready to load in for the TED conference here, and now we’re back, with a fantastic lineup – enjoy the show! 

9p – Inubito – 1200 Hustle/Beatfarm Kru/MajikCityRadio – drum&bass
10p – Tryptone – 1200 Hustle/Beatfarm Kru/MajikCityRadio – drum&bass
11p – Phlip – Harmony – house
12a – Funk K – One Tall Trunk of Funk! – (karen takes credit for that one)

See ya on the radio! 
The Harmony Network and Friends

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