B-ham Francisco.. Steep hills + any amount of snow/ice = no webcast tonight..

If you’ve read anything about the South today, you’ve probably seen people poking fun about the snowflash gridlock craziness. Three things are omitted:
1. It never snows here. Everyone’s an old pro by the third day (the melting day..)
2. We trusted the weatherman, who repeatedly promised flurries with no accumulation.
3. There are HILLS here that border on being mountains. We’re a mini San Francisco. Yes, BHAM Francisco has a nice ring, I think. Let’s see how *they* would handle icy hills.

SO we’re not having a webcast this week. We toyed with giving you a serious flashback that’s about two hours long. One from our early days of throwing parties (ok, raves, but no one evvver called them that). If anything changes, this post will disappear. Ah, the luxury of taking back what you say.. till then, wherever you are, be safe and enjoy the archives!

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