BACK TO NORMAL! Live Wednesday Webcast 02/05/14

We and the weather are back to normal! If you’ve read anything at all about the snow that landed across the American South, you may have seen what a standstill it caused. Our favorite label is ClusterFlake 2014. As usual, four days later, it was 67 degrees, and we were walking around in nothing but jeans and t-shirts. A week later, the low is back down to 20-something. Truly, it has always, always been that way around here, and no one can point to us as an example of global warming or anything.

As for ourselves, we’ve just come off the biggest event we do all year, and we’re still getting things back in place. Talk about a clusterflake 😀
There is so much to be said for Normal. Gotta love a Wednesday webcast. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Lineup:

Funk K
Ralph Lindstrom

See ya on the radio!

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