BYOB – Bring Your Own Bass — Happy Independence Day 07/04/15

Happy Fourth of July! The Harmony studio has the perfect view of Thunder on the Mountain, the annual fireworks spectacular atop Red Mountain, above the statue of Vulcan (Google it 🙂 Fireworks start at 9:00, and our show starts an hour earlier tonight, at 8pm — mainly because we’re usually already blocked in by the people flooding Southside and Homewood to get a good view. So come on over, please don’t park in our parking lot – it’s for you and all our friends. Weather allowing, we’ll have the first three sets outside, and move indoors as the rest of the world fades off. You’re welcome to bring food, drinks, perhaps a grill or two, it’s up to you. There are restrooms available down the block at Tom&Jerry’s Chevron (those are really their names..)

OH — So why BYOB? If you’re within a block or so, tune to 100.1 and listen to our (legal, low-level, < 1/10th watt) FM broadcast. People bring their cars and there’s a little cloud of bass across the parking lot. Gotta love it 🙂

Tonight’s Lineup:

8p – Slade – Harmony, Martini 205
9p – MJ Darl!ng – Starsh!p
10p – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony
11p – Jog – Jog belongs to all of us <3
12a – Library 8 – Harmony

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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