BYOB – Bring Your Own Bass – Our Annual July 4th Party with Fireworks for our Backdrop!

Helllooo, and welcome to our annual BYOB – Bring Your Own Bass, as named by our dearly missed Gadget. Why is it BYO, you ask? Because once a year, we do a low-level FM broadcast that you can pick up on your car radios within a block or so. Tune in, and the whole place will be blasting what we’re sending out from the studio, whee! It’s also bring your own kids, coolers, pets and sparklers. You and tens of thousands of mainstreamers crowding into the areas around Red Mountain, to watch the fireworks over Vulcan Park at 9pm. So get to Southside early, or you’ll be stuck with the other daredevils on the side of the interstate to watch the :30 show. It’s beautiful, but much more fun with friends 🙂

Tonight’s show begins an hour early, since everyone is crowding in anyway.

9p – Oneel – Mk837 – I’ll use the umbrella term “house” – he’ll have the stroller pushers dancing before they can say “rave music,” haha!
10p – Slade – Harmony, Martini 205 – midtempo – can’t wait! Yes, Karen begged)
11p – Tuck Chesta – M-Rave – house – that word doesn’t begin to say it.
12a – A2E – If he plays anything like what he brought out at M-Fest, OH my goodness 🙂
1a – Pixel – Harmony – jungle – total deliciousness every time 🙂

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

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