Do you remembah.. the 21st night of Septembah?

Yup, it’s September 21st, and Earth, Wind and Fire made a fantastic song about it – complete with a remake I really want Stevo to play for us tonight. He’s up first, and Pixel is second. The story gets long from there. Suffice to say that we have issues, and the rest of the evening will unfold in realtime. Enjoy the show!

The Lineup:

9p – Stevo – – house!
10p – Pixel – Harmony – drum&bass and whatever goes with it
After that, we’re not clear. NDCYSIV is still working miracles, Brown Recluse
is being reclusive, I put 9.5 off till 2 weeks from now because we need to end a
little early, so either Ralph or 9.5 will finish things out. SORRRRRRY for the
confusion. This is Karen, and I take ALL the blame. Happy night!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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