Happy New Year’s Eve from the Harmony Network! 12/31/14-01/01/15

[[ ATTN: The website began having DDS issues :30 before showtime, so while we could not stream live, we recorded the webcast locally (as always, as backup), and will upload it when we’re able, hopefully by tonight (Jan 1). We are sad and flattered at the same time by the questions about the missing stream. Thank you for missing us, and Happy New Year! ]]


What is New Year’s Eve? — a WEDNESDAY. And who’s in town? Corey, Slade, Ralph Lindstrom and THE MAJIK CITY JUNGLISTS! Yup, Ddot, Jme and Droopy – all original Harmony DJs, by the way. We want to stream live from a remote location, with our sound (of course). Unless/until the perfect opportunity presents itself, we’re blasting the universe from our studio, so drop by if you’re out and about. And of course, you’re welcome to duck in at midnight Enjoy the show!

This week’s lineup:

Corey Harris – Best way to ease into the night? Corey’s house.
Slade – Harmony – He’ll warm you up like a slap in the face!
The Majik City Junglists – Harmony – Ddot, Jme and Droopy – We can’t believe they can all make it!
Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – old school breaks – it’s only proper!

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

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