Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Live on the Harmony Network 11/25/15

When we threw big parties, one in particular was the Saturday of Thanksgiving – we called it Belly Fulla Beatz, and it was a toss-up as to whether there would be a huge crowd that night. What we have found is that on Thanksgiving, people are either avoiding or missing their families, and either way, a party is what they want! Tonight’s webcast is smaller, but no different. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Kaotik Grace – 1200 Hustle – drum&bass
10p – Clemanzo – house/breaks
11p – Fitzpatrick – house
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – he’s been on a nudisco streak, and we love it.
1a – Joee – Harmony – he’s always either house or breaks.

Have a joyful Thanksgiving!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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