Happy Valentine’s Day – Take One 02/08/12

Karen’s in a quandary – technically, the Valentine’s Day webcast is the one right before
Valentine’s Day, right? Well, it’s as far away as it could ever be, so maybe we should
celebrate the night after, on the 15th. Candy’s half off and all that. Orrrrr – how about
bookending the day with TWO weeks of flowers, candy and general Single Awareness –
after all, it’s a season, right? OH, and we also have TWO dj’s with birthdays tonight,
so there’s cake – sweet. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

Pixel – Harmony – drum&bass  – Happy Birthday 🙂
Slade – he’ll surprise us – Happy Birfday times two!
Ralph Lindstrom – videos
Chris Dex – dubstep – VINYL VIRGIN 😀

See ya on the interwebz!

The Harmony Network and Friends


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