Live Wednesday Webcast 04/30/14

It just couldn’t be true. Somebody’s posted a list of the 10 worst cities for tornadoes, and we’re in the top three – maybe they meant our weathermen. They’re WAY dramatic. Depending on what you’re made of, these guys make the time in your closet either fly or drag like a bad hydroplane. But I digress. Gratefully, all of us locals lived through it, and we’re here, ready to rock. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Corey Harris – smooth house – nothing could be truer on the planet 🙂
10p – DJ S***e – Not sure what name he’ll use tonight, but he’s guaranteed to thrill your living room subs 🙂
11p – Alex B – MK837 – progressive house – LONG TIME NO SEE, BUDDY! Glad you made it!
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – perhaps a live video mix. We’ll see 😉
1a – Stilli – We’re so glad you could play tonight 🙂

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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