Live Wednesday Webcast 07/06/16

Yup, a Wednesday is a webcast means it’s Wednesday, hello.. Thanks for dropping by our parking lot during the gorgeousThunder on the Mountain, on the fourth. We loved seeing all your faces and catching up. Tonight we’re back, just two nights later, settling back into our routine of bringing you hours and hours of music to live your life by. (I refuse to say “by which to live your lives.” That’s just awkward.) Huge shouts out to Kaotik Grace and Oscillator, who are in the middle of big things, and were not able to play tonight. Love to all our friends, near and far. Enjoy your summer, and enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

Phlip – Harmony – house
Slade – Harmony – hmm
Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – double hmm.. actually some excellent remakes/updates of delicious house from other decades

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

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