Live Wednesday Webcast 08/13/14

Life is short. Make sure you say what you mean, hear what the other person is really saying, and appreciate the moment.
RIP Alex Trimble. You will be missed!

As for tonight, enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Superstar – Cold Plastik – Thanks for making the drive, sir! We always look forward to you.
10p – Fitzpatrick – MK837 – house !
11p – Retchid – MK837, Kickit Records, 1200 Hustle – harder electro house – with another release coming out any minute 🙂
12a – Phlip – Harmony, Strut – house – the whole neighborhood, actually..
1a – We shall see – Jog’s stuck again. *sigh* Gotta get that flying car to work.

And, as Alex would always end his texts to me (Karen),
“See ya on the radio! lol”

The Harmony Network and Friends

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