Live Wednesday Webcast 11/28/12

Last week’s Thanksgiving Eve webcast was a very happy success, with many full bellies
and lots of smiling faces and good tunes. One of our favorite nights all year! Now it’s time
to hang the big red bow and count down till another pair of feasts on Dec 19 and 26th.
In the meantime, enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Corey Harris – house – smooth but never sleepy -k
10p – Daywalker – breaks+ – always a solid set
11p – Sin C – hip hop and then some – our only hip hop guest on the roster at the moment, so
whatever he plays is new to the webcast.
12a – Ralph Lindstrom  – video mix – and YES, people really do keep requesting the one with
the clown on the trike..
1a – Gollum – yesss, another Vinyl Virgin for you, our preciouses – I’m guessing that would
be the plural 😀

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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