Live Wednesday Webcast — and in three nights… BYOB – Bring Your Own Bass!

Tonight is another Wednesday, so of course, we have a lovely webcast for you to enjoy. And Saturday, July 4th, is our annual parking lot party, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bass) — so named by Gadget because everyone tunes their car radio to 100.1, and turns it up 🙂 It’s just a low-level FM broadcast for the parking lot, but it sure is a lot of fun to hear all that music without one speaker in sight! Oh, and I left out the important part — we’re out there while all of Southside and Homewood are flooded with humanity, all looking up to watch the fireworks show on top of  Red Mountain, at Vulcan Park. Gorgeous. Just get here before 8:30, or you’ll be walking both ways. And for tonight — enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Recess – UGT Crew – drum&bass
10p – Mian Russell – SunDaze – house
11p – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – hmm
12a – TBA – always something stirring around here..

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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