Merry Christmas from Harmony Network! 12/25/13

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s a Wednesday, so our families shake their heads and smile. Can’t miss one if we’re all in town, now can we?
Tonight’s music is a perfect example of just how WIDE the category of House is.  We’ll go from smooth, jazzy, acoustically funky remixes
to a dance party feel, to an outright underground club/rave set that is certainly not breaks, to an unapologetically grimy ghetto funk.
Hope your holidays are happy, and the dark stuff is far away from you tonight. If not, bass often helps. Turn it up and enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Phlip – Harmony – smooth, jazzy house
11p – A2E – Sweet Science Radio – straight stuff
12a – DJ Ddot – Harmony, MCJ –
1a – Slade – Harmony, Martini 205 – ghetto funk and grimy house

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