Sendoff for MP5 – Live Wednesday Webcast 09/10/14

Tonight is drum&bass. Why? Because that is what MP5 is known for, and his friends are here to see him
(and his sweet Lyndsey) off to their new home. We already have him booked for the Thanksgiving Eve
webcast, so we’ll see them again before we know it. As for tonight, we’re putting the cherry on top of the
whipped cream on top of the pie on the plate that is the going away party for MP5. YES, we are sad,
but it’s drum&bass. Enjoy the show!

The Lineup:

9p – TheFlyingFistoftheBudapestJunglist – Hey, they said it – Drum&bass – Three beloved faces
10p –   that we’ve known as long as we’ve been doing this webcast.
11p – Bird – Alloy – drum&bass – real, really real records, folks. We were delighted last night
when he dropped by to spin a few. Gorgeous.
12a – MP5 and Osc1ll8R – d&b – MP5 is so glad to tag with the guy who brought him into all this. Love you both <3
1a – Superpro – you guessed it, D&B!

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

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