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Wednesday Webcast 07-13-11

Wednesday Night, 7/13/11 **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

You’ll need the widescreen tonight – Cold Plastik is playing the Harmony Studio – and that’s a roomful, to say the least! Heading to Tom&Jerry’s to grab some ice. We’re gonna need it 🙂

I won’t call it “the lineup” this week. We’ll do our best to post names, as they may be hopping on and off the decks in no particular order. Enjoy the show!

Cold Plastik is (in the order I scribbled them, haha)
Proto J
DJ Steel

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

Wednesday Webcast 02-09-11

Happy Valentine’s Day Early! Yup, it’s the Harmony runup to
the day of love, and who better to celebrate with than 6’5 and
his record bag of female vocals? Not to mention a  lineup of
dj’s who aren’t too cynical about love right now, hahaha.
Enjoy the show!

BTW, Karen’s cell was suddenly replaced, and if she hasn’t
returned your texts, it was because first she couldn’t read them,
and now she doesn’t have your number. Hit a sister up 🙂 THX.

Tonight’s Lineup:
9-10 – Lee Austin – breaks
10-11 – 6-5 – all female vocal set
11-12 – Superpro – drum&bass/dubstep
12-1 – Ralph Lindstrom – whatever suits him 🙂
1-2 – 9.5 – drum&bass

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends