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05/23/12 Live Wednesday Webcast

Yessir, it’s been a fantastic May so far, and there’s more to come. Lots of our friends are turning out for
SunDaze, the lovely monthly dj picnic that takes place in various Highland Ave parks. A ground-breaking
(or should I say ground-tilling) series of teen electronic dance parties, M-Rave, has just come to a close –
the founder is graduating! And what, oh what will be made of the young masses now awakened to the
joys of electronic music?? Hopefully the bi-monthly bigness will continue, and at the very least, we’re
thrilled that EDM enthusiasm has survived the ten-year chasm of raver silence. To be continued…

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Pixel – Harmony – drum&bass
10p – Lee Austin
11p – Chris Dex
12a – Corey Harris – Miami – house
1a – 9.5 – drum&bass – He may be able to drop in. And he brings his own records 🙂