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Live Wednesday Webcast 04/22/15

We have three different sets of friends in Italy at the same time, and they don’t even know it. Maybe we can get Ralph to play all Italo Disco tonight 😀 As for the (fabulous) lineup, can you believe the 10p guy?? It has been years – literally. We’re pretty pumped. Bird’s and Pixel’s sets are always things of beauty. Expecting a great night. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

Bird – Alloy – kickass drum&bass
Menace – wait, what? – yes, Menace – different drum&bass
Pixel – Harmony – beeyooteefull drum&bass

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

Wonder of Wonders 02/01/12

.. Cannot believe we’re finally about to go on the air. Ralph can do anything, and tonight
he replaced the clutch master cylinder on our beloved Ellie the Wondertruck. In the parking
lot under the interstate downtown. With the foresight to bring all the tools he needed.
He says he can’t draw, but I’ll bet he could do that, too. Glad to finally be here, and VERY SORRY
that we have to reschedule Bassface J – love you, B!

We were already cutting the show an hour short because of an event starting early tomorrow.
Now things are working out anyway. And without further ado, enjoy the show!

What’s left of tonight’s lineup:

Menace (and Bird, if the mood hits him 🙂
.. and no telling who else.

See ya on the radio!

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The Anniversary Continues – 10/19/11

Not the night to bring your napping kitty to the studio. Except for Andy Johnson, who’ll break everyone in nice and easy, it’s gonna be a noisy night – not IDM noise, but it’ll ruin your office mate’s afternoon nap if you’re watching this at work 🙂 Enjoy the show!

9p – Andy Johnson – house
10p – Menace – breaks
11p – Bird – drum&bass
12a – NDCYSIV – he keeps changing on me
1a – dButts – dubste/drumstep?d&b goodness

See ya on the radio!

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Wednesday Webcast 06-08-11

Wednesday Night, 6/08/11 **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

Great night tonight! There may even be a microphone or two
involved with Sin C’s set. We’re here to make those hot summer
nights (and long work days) a little more bearable. Enjoy the show!

This week’s lineup:

9-10p – Wes Kane – Bad Robotz – find their stuff on Beatport – mk837
10-11p – Sin C – hip hop (really)
11p-12a – Menace – breaks
12-1a – Ralph Lindstrom – HD music videos
1-2a – Jog – breaks, unless a pig somewhere grew wings 🙂

See ya on the radio!

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