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BYOB 2014 – Bring Your Own Bass — Happy Fourth of July!

It’s here! Our annual parking lot party, complete with a great view of the Thunder on the Mountain fireworks show during the 9pm hour!
Every year, when people flood the area to watch the fireworks above the statue of Vulcan, atop Red Mountain, we do a parking lot webcast, with lots of friends dropping by or hanging out between stops. Our favorite night of the summer! And everyone tunes their car radio to 100.1, for the low level fm broadcast of our show. (yes, less than .10 watt, so it’s legal 🙂  So it’s BYO BASS. (Really quite something to look around for the sound source and not be able to pinpoint it..)  You’re welcome to bring food, BEvERages, yourself, but our little fridge is usually full before the show starts. So plan accordingly. Also, there are bathrooms down the street, at Tom&Jerry’s Chevron. Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the show!

Note: Get to Southside before 8:15, or you’ll be stuck in the lava flow of cars looking for someplace to settle. And if you’re late, and are still on the interstate, look out for the people who just stop on the shoulder to watch!!

Tonight’s Lineup:

8p – Ralph Lindstrom and Slade tag set – funkiness
10p – MP5 – neighborhood-friendly drum&bass 🙂
11p – 6’5 – Cold Plastik, Finespun – breaks
12a – Ghenji – house
1a – Pixel – Harmony – gaaaaaaaawjussssss drum&bass

See ya on the radio!

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