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Should auld acquaintance be forgot? HELL, no!

Happy New Year! It’s our last webcast of 2011. Then it’s
down with the big red bow, and up goes the spaceship to
fly us into the unknown. Be true to yourself, follow at least
one dream for a little while, and may 2012 be the best year
ever for all of us. Enjoy the show!

If you’re in town, we’d love to see your faces – Coop&Em + 1,
Rev Jon, Turkish Delight, Toby S, Josh P & Rochelle, Leah,
Missing you Jme&Mave! Mikey Luv MVP! The list is LOOOONG.
Ken Lieu, where are you spending NYE? Love to everyone – and
only let the music stop when you’re trying to remember another song 🙂

The Lineup:

9p – Mark Falcon – thanks for making the trip down!
10p – Reid K – – thanks for making the trip up 🙂
11p – Jay Salillas – ever listened closely to this guy? To me it’s fudge ripple d&b.
12a – dButts or Ralphie – here’s hoping D chooses to stay up late!
1a – Phlip – Harmony – fitting to have a Harmony dj spin the show
out into the new year <3

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

Happy Birthday, Ralph! Wednesday 11/02/11

Happy Birthday, Ralph! You’re the best reason we have for cake 🙂 Now would be a good time to thank you for ever becoming a broadcast engineer, or loving vinyl, or wanting to surround us with friends and cool music on a weekly basis. We’re still having the time of our lives, and it wouldn’t be this way without you. <3 <3 <3
All that being said, November’s shaping up quite nicely. Tonight, we’ll hear from a nice cross section of genres, starting with drum&bass, followed by more drum&bass, with a break for whatever videos Ralph springs on us this week, then continuing with more drum&bass — which COULD end up being house, finishing up with — you guessed it, drum&bass!! Everyone mixes in a little something different, so no two sets will even resemble each other. NO, Karen didn’t plan it this way, especially not in honor of the Birfday Boy, and perhaps it will unfold differently. As always, we’ll see. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Reid K –
10p – Jay Salillas
11p – The Birfday Boy Himself, Ralph Lindstrom – videos
12a – DJ Ddot – it’s a coin toss
1a – 9.5 – livewire

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and friends

Wednesday Webcast 08/31/11

GREAT night tonight! Quan plans to be here, though he has no clue about his scheduled time 🙂 Then Jay Salillas, Frequie G – believe it or not, she has an hour to spare!, Ralph and dButts, making the drive, thank you. Good times, great music. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:
9p – DJ Quan – haven’t asked him in a while!
10p – Jay Salillas – drum&bass
11p – Frequie G – breaks
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – videos
1a – dButts – dub/drum/dark deliciousness (that’s Karen’s guess)

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

Wednesday Webcast 05-11-11

Wednesday Night, 5/11/11   **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

Gonna party like it’s ya birfday! Yeah, tonight we give it up for
the May babies of our tight little scene. There are tons of us!
So cake is coming – divine, delicious, well made cake from two
different directions, and we can’t wait. PLUS  quite the eclectic
lineup!! Enjoy the show!

9-10 – Jay Salillas – his records survived the tornado, yessss!
10-11 – 6’5 – HBD, dawg!
11-12 – TKO – yep, surprise #1
12-1 – Audiobot – thanks for making the trip!
1-2 – Pixel – you read right – surprise #2

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

Wednesday Webcast 01-12-11

Wednesday Night, 01/12/11   **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

Since our last show, we’ve had a fantastic few shows, and
quite a snowstorm – a very big deal for a state that has one
snowplow and shares it with Mississippi – or so I’ve heard.
We’re glad the roads are cleared so all our dj’s can make it –
especially Karizma, making a hilly, two-hour trip here.
Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:
9-10p – Jay Salillas – house
10-11p – Karizma – electro, dubstep, an edgy hodgepodge – like that?
11p-12a – Corey Harris – house
12-1a – Ralph Lindstrom – video set
1-2a – Chase Knox – dubstep

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends