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Live Wednesday Webcast 11/16/16

First of all, big love to Jog, who (we hope) is listening tonight from his hospital room. Get better, buddy, we love you!|
He was supposed to finish out the show tonight, which we always love, and never rush. We let him play till we all get hungry.
Can’t wait to see you again <3 Β And to the rest of you, Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

6’5 – Cold Plastik – breaks (duh)
Ddot – Harmony, Majik City Junglists – _____
Verdict – Cold Plastik – old school breaks (mostly)
Breaker 1 Nine – Beatfarm Kru – vinyl – so we’re placing bets

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

Hot Time in the Round House Tonight! 08/24/16

Faces you don’t see much AT ALL are in the studio tonight – Corey and David are two of the best, least exposed house dj’s in the area. 6’5, Verdict and Jog are darn near invisible. Thank dog for archives, right? But tonight’s a good one for sure. The only question now is where to put Slade, to continue his summer takeover πŸ˜€Β  Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Corey Harris – Therapeutic Music – house
10p – David Allison – Sanctuary – house
11p – 6’5 – Cold Plastik – breaks
12a – Verdict – Cold Plastik – breaks
1a – Jog – Cold Plastik – breaks

Thunder on the Mountain – July 4th, 2016

Yessir, tonight is it! We can’t wait to see all the faces. You’d best be parked on Southside by 8:00, or you’ll have to ditch it and walk the rest of the way. We have a perfect view of the annual fireworks display that takes place on Red Mountain, at Vulcan Park. (Not Star Trek. The God of Iron. But I digress..) You can see it for miles and miles and miles. People pack the streets on both sides of the mountain, even stopping on the side of the interstate to watch — please DON’T. Our show starts at 8p tonight, for those of you who heed our advice to get blocked in early. There’s a monitor outside, for watching the show and the fireworks at the same time. Bring coolers, kids, just you, whatever. Bathrooms down the block at the Tom & Jerry’s Chevron (the one on the curve). Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

8p – NDCYSIV – Sembient Circle
9p – Ralph Lindstrom & Slade Prisoc – Harmony
10p – Library 8 – Harmony – drum&bass (I call his kind intelligent)
11p – Joee – Harmony – hopefully with Ddot (Harmony, MCJ, Majik City Radio) and Swytch – TRiLLBASS, Majik City Radio — Lawd help us ALL!
12a – Jog – He’s the Chuck Norris of our scene – he stands for himself πŸ˜€ How about that? I just made it up..

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends – many and dear, far and wide, we love you all. Happy 4th of July! <3

Live Wednesday Webcast 06/08/16

Whole neighborhood of houses tonight, with a couple of mystery genres for us predict. Easy night. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

Corey Harris – Therapeutic Music – house
Phlip – Harmony – house
Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – we’ll find out together
Jog – placing bets on breaks
Perhaps a lovely set of midnight house from Jeff Sanford

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends

The eye of the hurricane Live Wednesday Webcast 11/04/15

We made it! We are Sweet 16, and loose on the road… look out πŸ˜€ Wish us a Happy National Veterans Day as we produce and livestream the parade on November 11. It goes on television the next day, which is a funny story in itself. We will not have a webcast next week because we will be speechless after the parade. So browse the archives and find your favorites.Β  See you on the 18th. For tonight, enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Library 8 – Harmony – techno & tech house
10p – Inubito – 1200 Hustle, Renegade Wkshp, Beatfarm – “house, maybe breaks, probably house”
11p – hmmm
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – something on the house spectrum
1a – Jog – breaks!

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

Happy Birthday, Harmony Network!

And so it was that 16 years ago tonight, the Harmony Network was born and uttered its first words, all in the same moment. It always was an overachiever. Then it hit its teens. Now all it ever does is sit around and make beats. But what can you do? Enjoy the show <3

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Tryptone – 1200 Hustle, Beatfarm Kru, Renegade Wkshp – drum&bass
10p – JTRA – Grown and Sexy – stuff you’ve never heard
11p – Esko – 1200 Hustle, Beatfarm Kru
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – we’ll ask him πŸ™‚
1a – Jog – The Northern Climes – breaks, perhaps

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends