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Thunder on the Mountain – July 4th, 2016

Yessir, tonight is it! We can’t wait to see all the faces. You’d best be parked on Southside by 8:00, or you’ll have to ditch it and walk the rest of the way. We have a perfect view of the annual fireworks display that takes place on Red Mountain, at Vulcan Park. (Not Star Trek. The God of Iron. But I digress..) You can see it for miles and miles and miles. People pack the streets on both sides of the mountain, even stopping on the side of the interstate to watch — please DON’T. Our show starts at 8p tonight, for those of you who heed our advice to get blocked in early. There’s a monitor outside, for watching the show and the fireworks at the same time. Bring coolers, kids, just you, whatever. Bathrooms down the block at the Tom & Jerry’s Chevron (the one on the curve). Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

8p – NDCYSIV – Sembient Circle
9p – Ralph Lindstrom & Slade Prisoc – Harmony
10p – Library 8 – Harmony – drum&bass (I call his kind intelligent)
11p – Joee – Harmony – hopefully with Ddot (Harmony, MCJ, Majik City Radio) and Swytch – TRiLLBASS, Majik City Radio — Lawd help us ALL!
12a – Jog – He’s the Chuck Norris of our scene – he stands for himself 😀 How about that? I just made it up..

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends – many and dear, far and wide, we love you all. Happy 4th of July! <3

Live Wednesday Webcast 09/12/12

According to their own words, the music TrillBass makes could be described as
“raunchy, sexy, southern conglomeration of dubstep, hip hop, drum ‘n’ bass and electro.”
And much to our delight, we get to hear the newest releases LIVE tonight, courtesy of
Swytch, himself. Woot!

And who opens the show? None other than Kevin Oneel, another fine music maker
from our wonderful little city, whose newest work will be available in October. Yup, we’re
proud to say we knew these guys way back when 🙂

Slade and I were talking the other night, and I’m trying to remember what he said.
I just know that when he gets tired of a direction, we always like how it sounds
when he throws up his hands and jumps on a different style of music.

And as always, we look forward to a set of clever video mixes from Mr Harmony
himself, Ralph Lindstrom. 😀

Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Kevin Oneel
10p – DJ Slade
11p – Ralph Lindstrom
12a – Swytch – rub your eyes and read it again. Swytch.

The Harmony Network and Friends

Wednesday Webcast 02-02-11

Wednesday Night, 02/02/11   **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

Tonight it’s nothing but TrillBass on the Harmony Network. When
Swytch realized that three outta five were already set to play, he asked
nicely, so we did a little shuffling, and perhaps the third takeover ever
is on for tonight. And even though it’s going down to the 20s later on,
apparently we’re having a TrillBQ in the parking lot for the duration –
they’re calling out for lawn chairs, so I think they mean it. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup: (order to be determined)

See ya on the radio!

The Harmony Network and Friends