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Wednesday Webcast 03-23-96

Wednesday Night, 03/23/11   **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

Fifteen years ago right now, visqueen covered the windows, 25 cases of fruit juice and water were next to two huge tubs of ice, porta potties had been delivered, sound & lights had been checked for days, and we were at dinner with the first djs we’d ever invited to play. Yup, all of them around one big table at Tortellini’s, on the first floor of the Parliament House on 20th St. We had NO CLUE what was to come. Tonight we celebrate the FIFTEENTH anniversary of Timebomb, our very first party. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:
9-10 – Jme
10-11 – Godseye
11-12 – Ralph Lindstrom – it was our sound and lighting!
12-1 – JoeE – it was his idea!
1-2 – iMatt

See ya on the radio!

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