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Ohhh, what a night! 03/20/13

What a lineup – ALL old school except for our visitor from the OTHER Birmingham – England, that is!
Everyone but Phatboy Tim has been to at least one Harmony party, and we’re thrilled at the talented
history in the house tonight. Tim is here for TWO Wednesdays this trip, and the friend he’s come to visit
will play next week as well – our dear friend, Rusty of SunDaze. Boy, you oughta see the speakers he’s
designed for his outdoor adventures. Beyond anything you’d expect. But I digress.

You may not have heard of Shangri La – the dj, not the place. He’s one of the original Harmony djs,
and he’s staying in town just long enough to play a set for us tonight. Welcome back, old friend!

Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – OSC1LL8R – CULTure, World Exit, FineSpun – drum&bass
10p – Chase Knox – World Exit – Audeo Assassin – trap
11p – Shangri La – Harmony – house
12a – Phatboy Tim – the OTHER Birmingham
1a – Austin Ward – house

See ya on the radio!

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