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A newbie, a renewbie, a we’ll miss youbie, and glad to see youbie 02/22/12

WHAT a night. And it’s a weird date, too. 02 22 12. This lineup is just plain UNUSUAL. First up is possibly the youngest dj we’ve ever had on theĀ  show – ever. Of course, the record won’t stand for long because Tuck Chesta comes with quite a posse. Stay tuned. I can’t decide if the next guy is a flying squirrel or a led zeppelin. He fell STORIES and lived. He’s back, better than ever. Welcome, Krystoph – glad you bounced – in a good way! Fitzpatrick is setting off for the left coast. We will MISS YOU, and expect two things: a full report with pictures, and live remotes! Much love to you and the wife unit <3 After Ralph plays whatever he likes, we’ll get to see Wil Raines – yeah, I typed it right. He’s the SECOND “One L Wil” we know. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9p – Tuck Chesta – starting with dubstep.
10p – Krystoph – industrial/dubstep
11p – Fitzpatrick – house
12a – Ralph Lindstrom – videos
1a – Wil Raines – old school breakbeat

See ya on the radio!

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