Live Wednesday Webcast 11/16/16

First of all, big love to Jog, who (we hope) is listening tonight from his hospital room. Get better, buddy, we love you!|
He was supposed to finish out the show tonight, which we always love, and never rush. We let him play till we all get hungry.
Can’t wait to see you again <3 ¬†And to the rest of you, Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

6’5 – Cold Plastik – breaks (duh)
Ddot – Harmony, Majik City Junglists – _____
Verdict – Cold Plastik – old school breaks (mostly)
Breaker 1 Nine – Beatfarm Kru – vinyl – so we’re placing bets

See ya on the radio!
The Harmony Network and Friends

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