Wednesday Webcast 04-20-11

Wednesday Night, 04/20/11   **9p-2a – ish, Central Time**

So that show last week? The one that had our parking lot filled with hardcore fans
? It made the national news because the crowd took down the ceiling. And all the while,
we were here, listening to our steady beats, chillin and having fun 🙂 Tonight is
no different. Love to you all. Enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:

9-10 – Wes Kane – Bad Robotz – hope he plays their new tune.
10-11 – Funk K – breaks and then some
11-12 – Bird – Alloy – NEVER a dull moment – love this guy’s wide style.
12-1 – Ralph Lindstrom – always a surprise..
1-2 – MP5 – drum&bass (he’s pumped!)

See ya on the radio!

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