We’re invisible. You’ll see us again on the 16th :)

There’s nothing to see here – actually, nothing to see it WITH. Our cameras are on location, and it caused a big, internal debate.  It would have been fun to go back to the style our first two years, with audio only.. but no one would have had fun with it besides Ralph and Karen. So we wait a week and make sure tonight’s guys are set to play again soon. Corey, Phlip and Clemanzo will be coming atcha soon. Enjoy the archives 🙂

In the meantime, google TED and TEDx. It started about 30 years ago, and really caught on within the last five years, all over the planet. Their thing is “ideas worth spreading.” There are thousands of individual talks, all 18 minutes or less, shot before audiences in various countries, each with one burning idea. Some are astounding and some are awful. But if you can withstand the tidal wave of input, they can really inform your perspective – or give you a new one. Anyway, that’s what we’re shooting and livestreaming Saturday.

Till next week, same time, same channel,

The Harmony Network and friends

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