Live or Archive, in the background while you’re working or partying, it’s five hours, five dj’s, including your host, Ralph Lindstrom. Every Wednesday night, you can watch our webcast, live from the studios of Harmony Productions. Each hour it’s a different dj, with the styles of music ranging from house to breaks, trance to drum&bass, some dubstep/trap, midtempo, but nothing mainstream – at least, not in our area! Some dj’s love all the camera angles on what they’re doing, and others wish we’d just keep the groovy graphics on the screen for their whole set. It’s always different, usually interesting, and just like clockwork since 1999. In fact, as of  October, it will have been FOURTEEN years of NEVER missing a Wednesday night — except five years on the first one each July, when we were verrrry far out of town. We always made it up a couple of days later on July 4th, with our annual BYOB (Bring Your Own Bass) parking lot party. But we digress. In case you miss it Wednesday night, you can watch the next morning at work.. Check out our archives – the last couple of  years are on there for you to enjoy at your own pace. Photos, too. Haircuts and colors have come and gone, but what we and the people here about remains the same. Enjoy the show!