Live WEdnesday WEbcast 05/15/19

HBD to Catfish Jenkins and Karen Day – as well as all SEVENTY-FIVE other May DJ’s in the immediate vicinity! Yes, there’s cake, and we’re hoping for a report from the Fire Jam tonight. Enjoy…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 05/08/19

And we’re back – post TEDxBirmingham, with all the cameras back in place and everything 🙂 Fine night, enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Corey Harris – Harmony/Therapeutic House – house10p – Phlip – Harmony/Lobotomix…

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Live Wednesday WEbcast 04/24/19

Brian Knight is headed to Orlando this weekend, adding to the noise for the Wake & Break party – and we expect a full report upon his return. We’re super glad that both Rusty and…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 04/17/19

Now the full moon makes sense.. what a hideous few days we’ve had, and with tonight, it all gets better – Library 8’s lovely d&b soundtrack that’s good for anything that needs one, Ddot’s birthday,…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 04/10/19

No straight beats tonight, gang. Oh, the brokeness – soak it in and enjoy! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Pixel – Harmony – drum&bass10p – MP5 – Anom!le – drum&bass11p – Kevin Lazar – Harmony – breaks…

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