Happy New Year’s Night from Harmony! 01/01/2020

Twenty years ago last night, Birmingham did not black out.

[Note: Do you remember Y2K, and the concern about whether computers could differentiate between two different centuries’ processing? It added stress to the whole turn-of-the-millenium thing]

At 11:58, Karen stood in the stairwell of Club 21, where we threw our NYE party, “Sweet Harmony,” in the sudden calm after the last-minute armbanding, hearing the bass thump and the countdown get louder as Ralph played what? Prince’s “1999,” of course, because that’s what it was for another 30 seconds, and then BAM – it was 2000, just like that. The lights stayed on, the balloons dropped, people started coming and going again, the party went till dawn, and here we are, twenty years later. Incomprehensible. And from time to time, djs still play “Sweet Harmony” on the webcast. Happy New Decade, and enjoy the show!

Tonight’s Lineup:
9p – DJ Superstar
10p – Clemanzo
11p – Ralph Lindstrom
12a – DJ Ddot

Of course, if facebook gets dicey, there’s our website, twitch, the audio feed at the bottom of the screen, or subscribing to our podcast – which drops before morning.

See ya on the radio!
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