Live WEdnesday Webcast 06/03/20

Since the world is giving the whole virus thing a rest for a few days, in the long suffering name of PLUR, tonight it’s just a Wednesday Webcast , 06/03/20.
And since we ARE still avoiding all the corona cooties, we’re playing two particularly cool recordings tonight.

First, it’s July 4, 2001, with the original Majik City Junglists, Gadget, Ddot and Jme, along with Two Sense from time to time. You’ll see Ddot through the window, scratching with Jme’s little gold mixer. And tonight Ddot will help Karen introduce the set.

Second, it’s Aleatorien’s Memorial Day set, and we’ll be chatting with Swytch about that one, and more to come.

Third, it’s Ddot himself, playing live from his cloud room 🙂

As always, stay safe, stay well, and enjoy the show!

See ya on the radio,
The Harmony Network and Friends