Live Wednesday Webcast 06/20/18

Of course, tonight will be fabulous, but locals might want to plan for two weeks from now, because the Fourth of July is on — Wednesday! The valleys on either side of Red Mountain will be overrun with folks catching the fireworks, so stake your spot early. Especially since our very own JoeE will be slinging his Dirty South Dogs from the bottom of our hill. YUM!  As for tonight, enjoy the show! And don’t forget to sign up for podcast notification, if you want to stream tomorrow at work, and you’re too lazy to do it the old way 😀 Tonight’s Lineup: 9p – Kevin Lazar – vinyl breaks 10p – Ralph Lindstrom – Harmony – remade house 11p – A DJ Called Phlip – Harmony – house See ya on the radio! The Harmony Network and Friends