Live Wednesday webcast 01/30/19

Coming atcha from the little roundhouse with hot bass for a cold night – enjoy! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Library 8 – Harmony – liquid drum&bass10p – Corey Harris – Harmony, Therapeutic House – house11p –…

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Live Wednesday Webcast

Hey! Tonight’s show is not a good soundtrack for cosmic contemplation. That comes after. Boom boom, baby, enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Kevin Lazar – Harmony – Miami electro bass10p – David Allison –…

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Live Wednesday webcast 01/09/19

FLying over the mountain as we speak – Ddot to open the show with his usual, on the fly magic, and Brian Knight always brings the old school Florida vibe. With Ralph to usher us…

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Happy New Year from Harmony! 12/26/18

MC2U/HNY/HBD/LOL and whatever else applies to you from us 🙂 We have DJ Pixel for the second time in a long time, and Jeff Sanford for his second set before he heads out west again…

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Merry Christmas – Part 1

Merry Christmas from Harmony! It’s as far before Christmas as you can get, being the 19th, so we’ll have MP5’s birthday cake instead. And besides our three excellent, familiar faces (Corey, MP5 and Phlip), we’re…

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