Live Wednesday Webcast 8/1/18

Rub your eyes and read again – yes, Corey Harris is here and playing! We’re thrilled. Add Corey, David Allison and Kevin Lazar, and all that’s missing is the bartender. Truth. Enjoy the show! Tonight’s…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 07/25/18

Tonight we have a First. We’re showing you the trailer for our friend’s feature-length movie, Branded. It’s being screened August 14th. We’ll tell you all about it. Oh, and there’s cool tunes tonight, too. Enjoy…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 07/18/18

Fine night tonight! Brian Knight brings his second set and our schedules align for a rare set from David Allison – we actually get another couple from him very soon. Like all the supermoons this…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 06/27/18

He wouldn’t want to sit between them on a roadtrip, but Clemanzo will be perfect in the center spot tonight, with Slade Silva before and Ralph Lindstrom taking us out. Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 06/20/18

Of course, tonight will be fabulous, but locals might want to plan for two weeks from now, because the Fourth of July is on — Wednesday! The valleys on either side of Red Mountain will…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 06/13/18

Well, look who’s here – Slade Silva, taking a break to join the Harmony noisemakers, for once! Along with the other two, no one’s taking a nap around here. Enjoy! Tonight’s Lineup: 9p – Catfish…

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