Live Wednesday Webcast – 01/15/20

Good stuff comin atcha tonight! We think you’ll like the progression through these sets. 🙂 Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Jay Salillas – drum&bass10p – Catfish Jenkins – Harmony – Down Tempo Bass &…

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Happy BIrthday, Harmony!

20 years ago tonight, on the first Wednesday of October, 1999, we did our first webcast. We can’t find any record of who played that night because we weren’t keeping a schedule book yet –…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 08/28/19

Happy Birthday to Kevin Lazar, yes there’s cake 🙂 And Happy Birthday (and many more!) to Majik City Radio – dear friends of ours, almost all of whom have played set after set on Big…

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Live Wednesday Webcast – 08/07/19

Tonight, just turn it up. Productivity be damned – enjoy the show!Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Kevin Lazar – Harmony – breaks10p – MP5 – Anom!le – drum&bass11p – Ralph Lindstrom – HarmonySee ya on the radio!The…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 07/24/19

Tonight’s pretty cool – Deep Sea Jay hardly ever gets time to play, Proto J hasn’t been in town in forEVER. And Kevin Lazar just won the latest spinoff ,even though he’ll be the first…

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Live Wednesday Webcast

Happy Birthday, Corey! Plus there’s a Pixel in the house tonight, and Kevin Lazar has some breaky trance in mind. Enjoy the show! P.S. Thanks to the ones loving our podcast version enough to say…

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