Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 05/05/21

Hey! A first, a last with some blasts from the past.. enjoy the show!Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Michael Durham – his first Harmony live remote 10p – Breaker 1 Nine – archive (here’s where the past…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 093020

The last Wednesday night of our Twentieth Year! Next week, the Harmony Network is LEGAL! Tonight, it’s DJ Ddot’s two-hour set!Kevin Lazar’s archive from earlier this year 😀 See ya on the radio!The Harmony Network…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 07/29/20

Alright, peeps, tonight’s show will start even later than a little late. Karen (I mean Potential sPam), says Video Work Comes First, Tricia says Wednesday or Die Trying, and Ralph is on his way. So…

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live wednesday webcast 03/04/20

We’re awash in a river of bass tonight — a reference to how much rain this area is dealing with right now. People are buying their first boats, it’s so bad. Anyway, enjoy the show!Tonight’s…

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Live Wednesday Webcast – 01/15/20

Good stuff comin atcha tonight! We think you’ll like the progression through these sets. 🙂 Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Jay Salillas – drum&bass10p – Catfish Jenkins – Harmony – Down Tempo Bass &…

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Happy BIrthday, Harmony!

20 years ago tonight, on the first Wednesday of October, 1999, we did our first webcast. We can’t find any record of who played that night because we weren’t keeping a schedule book yet –…

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