Live Wednesday Webcast 09/25/19

Since tonight marks the end of another year of livestreaming for the Harmony Network,we thought it should include A) someone who’s been here since the beginning, B) someone who joined us midway through, and C)…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 08/21/19

Good times! The Catfish is jumpin’, we have Savvy for the first time, and Phlip never, ever disappoints. Enjoy the show! (Subscribe to the podcast by going to our website and clicking. It usually lands…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 06/26/19

It’s all Harmony, all night tonight. Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Phlip – Harmony / Lobotomix 10p – Ddot – Harmony / Majik City Radio11p – Ralph – Lindstrom – Harmony See ya on…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 05/08/19

And we’re back – post TEDxBirmingham, with all the cameras back in place and everything 🙂 Fine night, enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Corey Harris – Harmony/Therapeutic House – house10p – Phlip – Harmony/Lobotomix…

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Merry Christmas – Part 1

Merry Christmas from Harmony! It’s as far before Christmas as you can get, being the 19th, so we’ll have MP5’s birthday cake instead. And besides our three excellent, familiar faces (Corey, MP5 and Phlip), we’re…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 09/05/18

OMG! Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup: 9p – Swytch – Majik City Radio – “bass music” 10p – Tryptone & Bakteria – 1200 Hustle/Beatfarm/MajikCityRadio – drum&bass 11p – Phlip – Harmony/Lobotomix – house See ya…

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