Corona phone-a-dj Week 6

Y’all! There are great dj friends of ours on the planet. During this very strange season, nearness is not a factor – but a PC, webcam/camera and a USB audio interface are! We want more…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 02/05/20

So.. first it was going to be Droopy/Whodi/Ken Liu/Pixel.But craziness in Mississippi, so..Then it was ____/Pixel/Ken Liu/SladeThen it was Ralph/Pixel/Ken Liu/SladeThen the tornadoes in TN gave us our final iteration, and it’s anyone’s bet what…

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Happy 20th Birthday, Harmony! Part II

Brian Knight has been coming to Harmony parties almost since the beginning – the lobby of the Bank For Ravings Building downtown was huge, and a very memorable place to be – whether the plexiglas…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 09/18/19

Sounding good tonight, with Arcade, Slade and Ralph rockin’ the round house – enjoy the show! Either here, our website or Twitch (get to it from our website).Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Arcade – The Nest –…

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Live WEdnesday Webcast 05/08/19

And we’re back – post TEDxBirmingham, with all the cameras back in place and everything 🙂 Fine night, enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup:9p – Corey Harris – Harmony/Therapeutic House – house10p – Phlip – Harmony/Lobotomix…

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Live Wednesday Night WEbcast 03/20/19

Happy viewing of the Super Worm Moon, woot! We’re giving you the soundtrack.. Enjoy! Tonight’s Lineup: 9p – Kevin Lazar – Harmony – breaks10:30p – Slade Silva – Harmony/ – housePossibly – Ralph Lindstrom –…

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