Live Remote Wednesday Webcast 08/05/20

Hey! We gotta fresh mix from Swytch & Jme, complete with an aquarium background *make a fish face* Things are nuts this week, so we’re keeping it simple with Jme, Swytch and a set from…

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Corona phone-a-dj Week 6

Y’all! There are great dj friends of ours on the planet. During this very strange season, nearness is not a factor – but a PC, webcam/camera and a USB audio interface are! We want more…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 01/08/20

What a night! Bakteria is back in the Hamlet for the first time in forever! We’re celebrating his birthday and Swytch’s, so the kitchen counter is full of celebration 🙂 Enjoy the show!Tonight’s Lineup:9p –…

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Live Wednesday Webcast 09/05/18

OMG! Enjoy the show! Tonight’s Lineup: 9p – Swytch – Majik City Radio – “bass music” 10p – Tryptone & Bakteria – 1200 Hustle/Beatfarm/MajikCityRadio – drum&bass 11p – Phlip – Harmony/Lobotomix – house See ya…

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