Wednesday Webcast 04/21/21

So.. you probably know Phlip. DJ Phlip. Fleapay. Chocklit Shtick. F*Santiago. A Deejay Called Phlip. We ALLLL do. And no one can make sense of the news that he is gone. Everyone has a Phlip story. There must be hundreds of people who know Phlip, who have never met each other.

Among all the groups he’s played with, Phlip was an original Harmony DJ, from back in the late 90’s. His archives are many. And tonight we’re playing a couple of sets because we all want to see him again. Here’s hoping that one day we will 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the long silence at the beginning. Also, Karen let the show end like it was just another Wednesday with Phlip. Like he was just in the other room with Ralph. Just turning back time to make things right for a moment.